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GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, is it strange how all this is playing out with the Coronavirus situation. Unfortunately, many people have succumbed to this evil in the atmosphere. There will be more as time progresses. But the people of God will need to remain focused on the Great God that we serve, realizing He is greater and more powerful than any of this. Only a few weeks ago, what were we doing? Fighting with each other about who's more powerful amongst the political figures. Now, we've been brought to our knees in humble submission to God because we had gotten too far off track in our own conceited ways and attitude.

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Greetings! Thank you for visiting our website. Corinth Baptist Church of Union, Inc. is hopeful that you will be inspired and encouraged to visit us at your earliest convenience.

We believe you will find Corinth to have a warm, enthusiastic, and friendly atmosphere. Our church has existed for over 125 years for the purpose of glorifying God through teaching and preaching of the Gospel, thereby, building strong individuals and families. Our services include a mixture of traditional hymns, contemporary gospel music, as well as acapella singing and soul stirring Old Fashioned Jubilee. We trust that when you visit our services, that you will be challenged and your spiritual needs will be met.


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