Corinth Baptist Church had an humble beginning after the War Between the States, around 1869. The original meeting place was located on Grog Street, now know as Enterprise Street. According to an "old citizen's account" in a newspaper article in 1908, the meeting place was an old wooden structure with two front doors and a back door. This building was actually owned by a "White" Methodist group who allowed the Black congregation to worship in the gallery. When the Methodist congregation decided to relocate, this building was given to the Black congregation. These are the same Blacks who later became organized in 1883 and chose the name Corinth Baptist Church. The Methodist Congregation is believed to have been Grace Methodist Church located on Henrietta Street.

In June of 1884, the Union Mill Company found it necessary to expand and desired the site where the church stood at that time. According to a document dated January 22, 1884, the present site of Corinth Baptist Church was purchased on what was then Judgment Street, now Herndon Street, for a total sum of $600.00. The original structure was completed later that year.

Over the past 125 years, Corinth Baptist Church has been a viable and spiritually guided body of believers in downtown Union, South Carolina.

For the past 125 years the major spiritual leaders of Corinth have been:
Corinth Baptist Church → Rev. Sam Knuckles - original pastor
→ Rev. W. Gordonbr
→ Rev. John Wallacebr
→ Rev. C. Whitehead
→ Rev. Minabee
→ Rev. A. R. Robinson
→ Rev. J. C. Tobin
→ Rev. J. C. White
→ Rev. Phillip (1913)
→ Rev. J. S. Daniel (1920 - 1926)
→ Rev. C. H. Williams (1926 - 1928)
→ Rev. J. A. Bates (1929 - 1943)
→ Rev. M. A. Zimmerman (1944 - 1970)
→ Rev. Richard Sadler (1971 - 1976)
→ Rev. Joseph A. Bush (1977 - 1982)
→ Rev. J. G. Whitfield (1982 - 1985)
→ Rev. J. A. Calhoun (1986 - Present)

During Rev. Calhoun's Pastorate, several improvements have been made, namely;
→ Renovation of the church structure
→ Listing on the National Register of Historic Places
→ Building a new Educational Facility and Fellowship Hall
→ Establishing Corinth Community Development Corporation 5013
→ Starting Corinth Daycare Center
→ Organizing a Youth Organization
→ Restructuring the Sunday School

Corinth Baptist Church has always been in the forefront of community activities and service. Its rich history with many men and women, who have responded to the call to serve, has made a difference in the Union Community. God has moved in a mighty way to work through this church to develop ministries of help and assistance.

The church today, in spite of her ups and down, trials and tribulations continues to expand and grow with a few committed church leaders and lay persons and others to minister to the needs of our church family and the community.

It is the vision of Corinth Baptist Church, as she embraces all the blessings God has in store for her, to continue to lift mankind and draw those who seem to be without hope, into a glaring reality of BOUNITFUL BLESSINGS!