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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Corinth Baptist Church shall dedicate her efforts to the spiritual growth and development of those willing to learn of the will of God. She shall engage in the spreading of the Gospel, in accordance to the Great Commission as recorded in Matthew 28: 19 & 20, as well as encourage and provide Christian Education and promote Home and Foreign Missions, such as So Send I You, founded by Rev. Dr. Joe Bush.

Mission Goals and Objectives

Rededicate ourselves to prayer, witnessing and the study of god's word:

A. Make and accept specific prayer requests
B. Distribute witnessing tracts
C. Establish prayer request box
D. Encourage participation in Bible Study

Provide Christian Education:

A) Organize Christian Education Department
B) Administer Christian training through the Sunday School and youth organization
C) Sponsor and encourage membership participation in local, state and National Congress of Christian Education
D) Establish Christian Education Library

Reach Out To The Unsaved:

A) Witness to the unsaved
B) Provide opportunities for the unsaved to participate in certain social activities

Provide Assistance To The Sick:

A) Visit the sick
B) Provide services to the sick as needed
C) Offer medical assistance (financial) as needed
D) Provide tape of worship service to the shut-in

Extend Assistance To The Poor And Needy:

A) Evaluate and provide assistance as needed on an individual basis

Promote Fellowship Amongst The Membership and Community:

A) Offer opportunities for the membership and community to fellowship
B) Provide seminars geared to encourage better living