Pastor and First Lady

Reverend J. Archie Calhoun, Pastor
Mrs. Rubye K. Calhoun, First Lady

Deacon's Ministry

Arthur Barret, Deacon Chairman
Sol Foster, Deacon Assistant Chariman
Douglas Beaty
David Douglas
Lonnie White
Sylvester Talley
Dennis Ferguson

Trustee Ministry

Margaret Holloway, Chairperson
Amelia Glenn, Assistant Chairman
Henry Norman
William Crawford
Lois Ann Lyles
Howard Free
Tim Robinson
Melvin Falls
John Jeter


John Jeter, Physical Plant / Sexton
Annie P. Bell, Administrative Assistant
Debra Clayton, Sunday School Superintendent, Senior Department
Lucretia Burch, Assistant Superintendent
Lucretia Burch, Culinary Committee Chr.
Danielle N. Fowler, Director of Youth Harriett White, Financial Secretary
Madora Dawkins, Assistant Financial Secretary
Mary Norman, Public Relations
Natasha Peake & Ruby Peake, Directresses Young AdultChoir
Lois A. Lyles, Historian
Amelia Glenn, Missionary President
Rubye Calhoun, Director of Christian Education
Angelia Robinson & Debra Clayton, Directors of Sunday School Choir

Deaconess Ministry

Vivian Barrett
Gladys Talley
Earline Beaty
Harriet Harris
Blondell Foster
Ruby Gist
Harriett White
Rosalyn Ferguson

Senior Ministry

Mrs. Rose Keanan, Director


Deloris Johnson
Marcus Gist
Winfred Copeland
Debra Clayton
Rod Smith
Angelia Robinson