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Deacons Ministry

Deacon's Ministry

Arthur Barrett, Chairman

It is the responsibility of the Chairman to make monthly reports regarding the well-being of the members under his care. He is to keep the Pastor informed of any changes that may occur in a family's situation during the month.

The Deacon's Ministry is the official leadership board of the church. The Deacons help facilitate the Pastor's vision for the church, while supporting various ministries of the church. The Deacons are assigned segments of the membership depending of the area of the community in which they live. The Deacon will serve Communion with the Pastor on the 1st Sunday of every month at the church, as well as with his sick and shut-in members. Each member of the Deacon's Ministry must submit to God as he assists the Pastor, serve and lead the Body of Christ and witness to the unsaved with faith, love, hope and integrity.

Deaconess Ministry

Trustee Ministry

Amelia Glenn, Chairman

The members of the Trustee Ministry are called upon to manage the affairs of the church, along with the Pastor as Administrator. As we are called upon to deal with legal and financial matters, it is the duty of the Trustee Ministry to maintain a sense of moral uprightness and integrity at all times. All contracts and papers requiring legal signatures are dealt with through the Trustee Ministry.

Usher and Hospitality Ministry

William Crawford, President
Emma Garner, Coordinator

The Usher's and Hospitality Ministry of Corinth Baptist Church insures a warm reception for visitors and church attendees. The objective of the ministry is to provide a display of love, friendliness, and warmth to members and visitors alike upon entering the fellowship. Special guests and guest speakers are provided for through the efforts of the Hospitality Ministry.

Health and Wellness Ministry

Amelia Glenn, R.N.
Lois Lyles, R.N.

The goal of the Health and Wellness Ministry is to promote a high level of awareness of the importance of preserving the individual temple through good health care. To accomplish this, monthly meetings are held and healthcare professionals are asked to facilitate workshops, health screenings and provide information on health issues.

Corinth Community Development Corporation

Corinth Community Development Corporation is a faith based non-profit organization established to promote outreach efforts in the community. The CCDC is managed by a Board of Trustees and is incorporated as a 501�3 tax-exempt entity and is registered with the South Carolina Secretary of State. Founded in 1997, the organization operated the former Corinth Child Care Center, which was licensed by the Department of Social Services. Corinth Community Development Corporation partners with other state agencies to provide services that will alleviate low achievement and poverty in the community.

Transportation Ministry

William Crawford & Henry Norman, Coordinators

The Transportation Ministry coordinates bus schedules to transport our members and visitors to all worship events. This ministry has the responsibility to make sure that the bus is in good and safe working condition.

Christian Counseling Ministry

Pastor & Mrs. Calhoun, Leaders
Contact: [email protected]

Counseling is provided as a part of Pastoral Care by Pastor and Mrs. Calhoun. We are committed to facilitating healing, reconciliation, and self-sufficiency through personal and spiritual growth. Counseling is offered by appointment in the following areas:

A.Single Parenting
B.Grief Therapy
C.Marital and Pre-Marital Counseling and Stress Management
D.Crisis Intervention and Emergency Recovery
E.Family Therapy
F.Separation and Divorce
G.Child and Adolescent Counseling and Referral

Absent Without Leave (AWOL)

Pastor Calhoun, Leader

The mission of the AWOL Ministry is to reach out to members who are missing from the "Fold". It is the responsibility of this ministry to make contact with missing members by whatever means necessary, in order that they are ministered to and encouraged to return to their rightful place in the church.

Corinth Historical Society

Amelia Glenn- President
Lois A. Lyles, Historian
Deacon Lonnie White

It is through the efforts of the Corinth Historical Society that we are able to collect, preserve, display and disseminate historical data of the Corinth Baptist Church, from her early existence, through the present day and for times to come. This ministry has been able to flourish through the efforts of Trustee Mildred Garner. Though in retirement, she continues to provide faithfully for this ministry.

Seniors Ministry

Rose Keenan, Director

Organized by Mrs. Blondell Foster, this ministry was birthed after much divine guidance for individuals 65 and older. The Senior Ministry provides a variety of programs to meet the physical, emotional social and spiritual needs of the senior members in the church and the community. They combine their efforts to encourage independent assisted living needs, raising the consciousness of the Corinth family as to the concerns and needs of our senior membership and the community. The Seniors enjoy a variety of fulfilling activities and occasional day trips. They are self-sufficient, bearing all the financial responsibilities and making donations to the church on a routine basis.

Music Ministry

Debra Clayton, Organist
Angela Robinson, Pianist
Marcus Gist, Pianist
Winfred Copeland, Guitarist
LaDerius Means, Drummer

It is the goal of the Corinth Baptist Church Music Department to create an indulgent atmosphere where the presence of God is Evoked, Expounded, Experienced, and Enhanced through an all-inclusive ministry in music. Corinth Baptist Church has been blessed through the years with highly qualified and experienced musicians. We are proud to say that two of our own members, the late Mrs. Louise Lymas and the late Mrs. Grace Y. Davis provided training in church music for many young people that are presently musicians in area churches.

In addition to the traditional hymns of the church, our choirs share a variety of music styles that enhances the worship experience. The Senior Choir provides hymns and anthems, the Young Adult Choir shares contemporary gospel, the Youth Choir renders age appropriate contemporary gospel, and the Jubilee Choir is exceptional with their old fashion, toe tapping, hand clapping rendering of a cappella spirituals.

Corinth Missionary Society

Amelia Glenn - President

As it is our duty and obligation to share the good news of the Gospel with those we come in contact with, Corinth Missionary Society fulfills this responsibility locally and abroad. The Corinth missionary Society is actively involved in the community and financially supports mission work nationally as well. We feel that as Jesus made the call for us to go, as recorded in Matthew 28: 19 & 20, we have no choice but to gather our efforts for the spread of the Gospel. Through the Brotherhood and each Missionary Circle, the General Missionary Society of Corinth continues to be successful in carrying out our mission and meeting our goals.

Youth Organization

Angela Talley Robinson - Director

All young people, ages 5 to 18 are encouraged to become a part of the Youth Organization. Through weekly meetings and special events, the young people are encouraged to take an active part in all church activities, including the worship service on 4th Sundays. Participation in such ministries as the choir, bible study, and hospitality seems to bring out the best attitude in our young people. We strongly encourage the Youth Organization to work diligently every year to fund youth activities and travel.

Sunday School

Debra Clayton, Superintendent
Lucretia Burch, Assistant Superintendent

We provide biblical training through Sunday School for all ages of our membership. Through the use of carefully selected Sunday School literature, we are able to teach God's Word in an organized manner. The inspiration to learn is fostered by the staff of qualified teachers who bring a variety of teaching styles to the classroom.

Media Ministry